Sunday, December 28, 2008

Something Like Cimmerian Darkness

You plead me give you
the membrane,
and are surprised at our
fleshless, orgiastic

We are bathing in muddy rivers
which run upstream.

Do you dare change yourself
into a molting form?
Will you reply to the wind of
It calls you to feed on your own
threshold heart.

To answer is perilous.

Come! Make love to your
dark creature self, caress
the inner salt and kiss
your coiled deceiver .

Embrace it all!

In changing day to night
In living counterclockwise
In stepping through the mirror
In changing night to day

You have set fire to your
self-constructed soul
and nothing in you will abide
this brute ladder of longing.

You are an inherited abomination
and too intoxicated to look away.

You plead me tear away
the membrane,
and are dismayed at our
individuated, simplistic

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